Ever since the day I bought my first disposable camera when I was 16 years old I have been passionate about photography. I enjoyed capturing the memorable (and often embarrassing) moments… waiting patiently to have them developed… and finally trading the doubles with friends who were just as excited to see them as I was. That is the emotion that drives GWC Photography.
Sebastien Benoit

Since developing a thirst for photography, Sebastien has eagerly absorbed every opportunity he could find. Sebastien's experience working with professionals in the Saint John area, including Hemmings House Pictures and Sean McGrath, has given him tremendous experience and been a key ingredient in developing the shooting style you see in the GWC Portfolio today.

Sebastien has had the pleasure of producing quality work for a wide range of clients, including, NB Power, Toronto-Based NuFunk band, GodMadeMeFunky, and has more recently been found taking full advantage of touring opportunities to develop an editorial edge and passion for travel photography.

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