Tibet-Nepal Border and The Last Resort

by sebastien on June 13, 2011

Let's just ignore the fact that this post is long overdue, and just focus on the pictures themselves.. :) These pictures are from our long trip last August, where we travelled into Nepal from Tibet. Crossing the border was pretty interesting, and our stay at The Last Resort was fascinating, and a bit scary (you'll see why after the jump.)

As for the picture shown above, it almost seems like it was taken from a plane, but in fact it was taken from our little hotel on the Tibet side of the border, which is high up on the side of a deep valley where water runs down from the Tibetan plateau. Such a wonderful experience to spend a night in the clouds. Hit the jump to see more.

Clouds, Tibet, Zhangmu

Clouds, Mountain, Tibet, Zhangmu, Rail

Sejin, Zhangmu, Tibet, Clouds

Flower, Zhangmu, Tibet, Clouds, SOOC

Construction, Friendship Highway, Tibet, Zhangmu

Construction was constant on the Tibetan side of the border, as the roads were routinely washed out by rainfall and landslides. We thought it was pretty rough terrain, that is until we crossed into Nepal... If you look at the list of all the photos you'll see a few from the Nepal side and it's clear they don't spend that much time repairing the road.

Mountain, Nepal-Tibet Border, Clouds, Girl, Walking, Trees

Bus, Nepal Border, Kodari, School Children

The Last Resort, Nepal, Bungee Jumping, Bridge, Gorge

As we arrived at The Last Resort, this is the sight we were greeted with. Bungee Jumping! I was destined to try out the 160m drop into a narrow gorge with rapid white water at the base. Check out the video below of my jump, you can thank Sejin for taking the video from the safety of the lookout ;)

The Last Resort, Nepal, Dining Hall, Steps, Garden, Bar

Dragon Fly, Nepal, The Last Resort, Leaf

Shack, Nepal, Trip to Bhaktapur, Bus, Passengers on Roof, Arniko Rajmarg (Highway)

We left The Last Resort after 3 days and headed to Bhaktapur, just outside of Kathmandu. On the highway we witnessed some pretty fascinating things, such as above, you can see the passengers riding on the top of the bus. Looks kinda fun.

As always, there's a few dozen other images you can see in the album posted on facebook. Don't be shy!

Well, that's it for now. I'm currently editing pictures from our stay in Bhaktapur, and amazingly historic site that has managed to maintained it's ancient look to this day. Stay tuned! Take care for now.