Shanghai – a bit of chaos…

by sebastien on December 19, 2010

Shanghai, China, Skyscrapers, Fisheye, Cobblestone, Walking, Yu Yuan Garden, Skyline

Being the most populated city in the most populated country on earth, Shanghai can be a little crazy at times... That was the attraction for me, to witness a bit of chaos and to have a chance to document it.

Preface: Shanghai was the first city we visited on our 35-day trip through Asia and Europe. My fiancée, Sejin, and I planned this trip for months prior as a grand exit from South Korea where I spent 18 months working. Over the next few weeks you'll see the trip unfold as I post about the different cities we traveled to along the way, including Lhasa, Kathmandu, Varanasi, Frankfurt, and Hofn.

Now, back to Shanghai. Hit the jump to see a few pictures and thoughts that sum up how I saw this metropolis.

We were lucky to have a hotel room on a high floor giving us this amazing view. The sun would set right in front of us, or at least we thought it did... Hard to tell through all that smog. It's no secret that Shanghai is a very industrial city.

We saw a lot of interesting things walking in the area around our hotel, some scenes coming to life more than others.

Can't spend time in Shanghai without seeing the mind-blowing skyscrapers in person, and at night. I don't think I would take the trip up to the top of that 88th floor observatory again though...

Checked out the Yu Yuan garden and the its beautiful bazaar in the city center, definitely something to see.

These are only a few of the photos, if you want to see all the other photos from this monster city, visit the full list on facebook. I'll be back soon with a post of photos from Xi'an, a city right in the middle of China, and home to the Terra-Cotta Warriors. Take care!