Trip to Busan

by sebastien on May 2, 2009

Last week on Saturday Bruno, Russell, Sylvia and I took a train to Busan for the day. I hadn't visited the city yet, but I heard it was gorgeous, and it was a nice day to go exploring.

The train ride takes a little over an hour to get from Hogye (our little township) to Haeundae Beach in Busan, and only costs 4,000KRW each. It's neat too because the seats can rotate to face the opposing direction so you can sit 4 people together no problem.

Anyway, this post is mostly about pictures and little stories, so let's get to it. Click the link!

Haeundae Beach, Busan, South Korea

We got to the train station in Busan at about 1:30PM or so, and it only took about a 5 minute walk from there to get to the beach. There was some event going on at the entrance to the beach, a big stage with lots of different singing/dancing acts, and lots of people enjoying the show.

Russell, a programmer from ATS who I've been hanging around with a lot lately, was the first of us to get his feet wet, excited to experience Korean water for the first time (he's special).

We saw a lot of people there that we knew, including JK Choi and his wife, Ricky, his wife and kids, Arif and his wife and Matt and his girlfriend.

Arif with his classic pose

Matt Wong and Tiffany reading trying to figure out what to do

Ricky's beautiful daughter Nalini

There were a lot of people on the beach taking pictures of each other, lots of funny posing, and lots of jumping up in the sand. I saw a group of girls taking turns being photographed jumping up in the air and offered to take a picture of all three of them jumping up so they could have one together. Once I took the picture I handed back the camera and that was that, but Russell insisted that I get in the shot with them jumping and take a picture using my camera... He's a good wingman ;)

Here's the result, good job Russell!

There was a group of guys on the beach just playing around and at one point they ran up to us and asked Sylvia which one she thought was the most handsome (at least we think that's what they were asking) and as soon as she picked someone all of them erupted and ran after the chosen guy and chased him into the water nearly fully dressed.. haha. Once we caught onto the game, Bruno suggested that we go back and declare that we made a mistake so we could see someone else be chased into the cold water, haha.

This guy dove right in fully dressed, I don't even think he took
his shoes off..

Here are some girls we met.. I tried to find some crafty way to start talking with them, only to later find out that one of them lived in California for 10 years and spoke better English than I did.. haha. Hello would have done just fine. Anyway, they were in Busan to go surfing the next day, something I should try out sometime (maybe...)

We asked them to take a picture of all of us with my camera so we'd have one with all of us in it.. and since we were on a beach we of course had to jump!

You can check out the rest of the pictures here. Ok, I'm now done posting for the month! haha.. Maybe I'll post again soon, but I doubt it..

Take care for now! :)

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