The Motorbike

by sebastien on May 2, 2009

About 500 people (give or take 490) have been bugging me to post about my new bike that I bought back in March. Well here it is! I wanted to get everything ready for it, including taking some good pictures, and a video of the ride into work. I finally figured out how to make the video work somewhat like I envisioned.

Click the link for some more info and a video.

Here's a picture of the bike by itself on the streets of Hogye, the town I live near.

(Daelim Roadwin 125cc)

As some of you might know, I've always wanted to own a motorbike, but I was held back by the cost, the hassle (lessons) and the risk to my life/limbs. I'm ok with dealing with just one of those things, haha.

I bought the bike brand new through a friend of Sang Won's, who owns a dealership in Daegu (I think). The cost was about 2,400,000KRW (about 2,100CND) for the bike plus the cost of insurance and registration (another 350,000KRW or so). I've already put over 1400 km's on it so I'm kinda glad I went ahead and bought new. It runs really well, and it's really cheap to maintain here.. Just recently I got an oil change for it on the way home from work one night and it only set me back about 5 bucks.

I'm really glad I have the opportunity here to do this, it's so much fun, and it's an experience I'll always cherish, and now I can say that I can ride a bike no problem. It is a lot different than what I'm used to though (mountain bikes).

Here's a shot I took of me on the bike... I had the help of a volunteering bystander to line up the shot, it was a slow exposure so I had to stay pretty still.

And here's the time-lapse video that everyone has been anxious to see. I apologize for the camera shake, the bike vibrates pretty hard and the camera is too small to stabilize itself, so this will have to do until I can rig up my Nikon to the bike somehow. The song is the background is O My Heart by Mother Mother.

Hope you enjoyed the posts! If you have any questions just shoot them off in the comments.

Take care for now :)

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