Another pile of Mini-Updates

by sebastien on April 1, 2009

Hey! I know you guys are expecting a post about my new bike, but the weather has been pretty cold lately so I haven't had a good opportunity to take a good picture of it.. Once I do, I'll post about it... I'd just like to say that it's a lot of fun, and I've taken it to work a few times :)

I'm still doing well, I'm still loving work, and I'm still loving the food. Even if the food sometimes comes to you wiggling.. haha. Click the link to find out more.

The Bearded Man:

About a month back we were kinda teasing JR about his inability to grow a beard, or at least a full one, so we dared him to not shave for 2 weeks so we could see what god graced him with... let's just say he was pretty happy to shave it off after the two weeks was up ;)

(JR and his beard.. Kind of reminds me of my brother..)

Biga Berta:

He better get his ass back here soon!!

(Let's find a head that fits in here..)

Amazing Sights in the Morning:

Often on the ride in on the bus we'll see some truly magical scenes.. It seems the clouds here are more interesting than the ones back home or something. The clouds are often patchy and they let beams of sunlight down in pretty majestic ways. Here's a pretty crappy picture that shows that. I wish I could show you a photo that a friend of mine here took at night with a similar scene, it was epic! Maybe he'll lend it to me for the blog.

(Beam of sunlight lighting the horizon)

Lotte Ferris Wheel:

Sean, George, Gerry and I went to Bennigan's last week for some North American food, it was pretty awesome (ribs and shrimp) but I don't think it's something I'd do very often. The Korean restaurants are great around here, no real need for comfort foods so far :) In front of Bennigan's there's a giant Lotte Hotel with a HUGE Ferris wheel attached to it that you can see the entire city from. The little cabins are heated too! I'm gonna have to go check that out some day when I have my camera, it's apparently only 4 bucks for the ride or something like that.

(Lotte Ferris Wheel)

That's all the updates I have for you so far! I have a few more posts up my sleeve; I just have to upload some videos to youtube when I have time and write something up :)

Take care for now!

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