by sebastien on March 15, 2009

I'm doing great :) I still love (some of) the food (can't get enough of that pork soup!!) and I'm adjusting pretty well to the culture, learning bits here and there. Work is going great, I really feel like I'm doing exactly what I always wanted to do. All in all life is pretty good.

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We said farewell to another short term worker, Adam, who I worked closely with over the last 3 weeks he's been here. We'll miss him! He's been great to work with, and we both love the pork soup equally :) Hopefully he'll be back here to help out in the future.

(Adam seen here wondering where all the pork soup went..)

On Friday nights the AECL crew goes to a local bar called "Wa-Bar" that serves lots of imported beer, (including Moosehead!) I missed the last few but was able to check it out this past Friday for a few drinks. I took a snapshot of this beer for Alain:

(Newcastle Brown Ale)

Oh, I'm giving some serous thought to getting a motorbike while over here.. There are lots of advantages to having one, including being able to drive in to work and cut the travel time in half. And giving me a bit more mobility to do some exploring through the mountains for some good photo ops. And they aren't really expensive here.. Only disadvantage is that my mom will kill me when I get back to Canada..

Here are some more random pictures since last weekend.

Take care for now!

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